Card Services


Debit/ATM Card

We are affiliated with the STAR and CIRRUS ATM Networks, which allow you to access your account right here at home and at thousands of locations worldwide. As a customer of UCB you are not charged for using your UCB Debit/ATM card at any of our ATMs.

The MasterCard® Debit/ATM card gives you easy access to your UCB accounts, as well as the ability to make purchases without having to write a check! You do not incur bank fees or service charges when using your card at any UCB operated ATM machine.

  • Free with all of our checking accounts
  • Use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted, worldwide
  • Access cash or transfer funds at UCB ATMs
  • Faster than writing checks
  • Safer than carrying cash

MasterCard Secure Code

Enroll in MasterCard Secure Code for an additional layer of protection.

UCB uses stringent security and anti-fraud protections on all of our debit cards. See more details, including a list of locations blocked by default.


Card Lost or Stolen?

Need to report a lost or stolen debit card? During regular banking hours you may contact our Customer Service Department at 606-376-5031 or after hours, call 1-800-523-4175. If you have reported your card using our after-hours number, contact your local UCB branch to request a replacement card.

Traveling outside the area?

If you are traveling internationally or outside your immediate area of residence and plan to use your debit card, please contact us. Call your local UCB Branch with your travel dates to avoid potential declines.

Debit Card Protections

Planning a trip or buying items over the internet? Please be sure to read the information below carefully and contact us.

Due to the rise in fraud across the country and around the world, we have taken steps to help our customers reduce their exposure and the risk of having their cards compromised. We take your account security seriously and it is one of our top concerns..

All of our cards come with advanced fraud protection that monitors all transactions. If a suspicious transaction is detected our Fraud Department may reach out to you to confirm if it was you or not. If you suspect that your card has been compromised, you can contact the Fraud Department 24/7 at 1-800-523-4175 to report your card. You can save this number in your contact list to quickly know when our Fraud Department is calling.

*Please be sure to update us with your latest contact information, especially cell phone numbers, so our Fraud Team can contact you quickly in the event of a suspicious transaction.

Additionally, in response to the most recent waves of fraud we have put rules in place to block many foreign countries and some U.S. States. Please review the list of states below and contact us to place an exception on your account if you plan to travel to any of the affected areas. If you are planning international travel, please contact us to discuss your plans to use your debit card abroad.

Note: These rules will not affect PIN transactions (such as at ATMs or other places that request your PIN number). This list is not all-inclusive. Additional states may be added or removed as deemed necessary.











Kentucky(Louisville Only)






New Jersey

New York

North Carolina




South Carolina





We will be glad to work with you to make sure your UCB debit card is available wherever you need it. Please contact us at 606-376-5031 or 423-569-6313 to discuss any questions or concerns.