UCB History


At United Cumberland Bank we focus on you, and the financial services you need.

To help you and your family succeed, we combine the latest technology, financial expertise, and local touch to build the best experience possible.

As a true, local community bank, our employees live alongside our customers, and we want to support them in every way we can. We use the same services for our families, so we have an incentive to provide the best to every person who chooses to do business with us. When you succeed, we all succeed.

This is approach is the same for all of our markets. From McCreary and Scott counties to Pulaski and Campbell, we can provide that philosophy across the entire region with 7 locations.

Our dedication to local service and community goes all the way back to our founding in 1906 and with the team we have in place, it will continue far into the future!


Michael Laxton
President / CEO
United Cumberland Bank